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What is Tennis Match?

Tennis Match is an Android app for social tennis players. Tennis Match helps tennis players find nearby tennis partners. I created the app from idea through implementation. While the app has not been published to an app store as of right now, if you’re interested you can download the final .apk at the bottom of the page.

Tech Stack:

Java | XML | Swift | SQLite | Firebase (Firestore, Realtime Database, Storage, & Auth) | Google Places API (Autocomplete) | GitHub

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[Intro] Tennis Match helps social tennis players find nearby tennis partners. Tennis Match is an app for social tennis players searching for a tennis partner.

[What It Does] Tennis Match allows users to browse nearby listings created by other tennis players describing their ideal tennis partner or a tennis event they’re hosting. Users can favorite listings and users, message other users, and create their own listings. Tennis Match takes the current user’s location into account and only displays listings that are within 50 miles of the current user at most.

[Why Tennis Match] Why Tennis Match? Tennis Match is a very useful app that encompasses two of the best ‘s’ categories: social networking and sports. Tennis Match also has the potential to branch out into other sports making it a very scalable product. Tennis Match encourages personal fitness by making it easier to stay fit doing something you enjoy with a person whose company you enjoy. Tennis Match forges connections, but most importantly it helps you get out and just play tennis.

[More Details] Interested? You can view a walkthrough of the gold release of Tennis Match from the link in the description.

Thank you.

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Gold Release/Final Walkthrough

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Tennis Match APK

Link to the .apk file:!AnictoMPFBjlurUQ57Ds-ygNG4hcvw?e=72DHP6