Mobile Developer

I am constantly learning, growing, and improving in my journey as a mobile developer. I have experience working remotely to build and improve native iOS and Android apps using Swift, Java, and Kotlin.

Android Development

I build native Android apps using Java, Kotlin, SQLite, and MVVM architecture. I have experience working with Firebase, Google Maps, and other APIs.

iOS Development

I build native iOS apps using Swift, MVC Architecture, and SQL. I have experience working with tvOS, Firebase, and Git.

Web Development

I build mobile friendly websites using HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, and JavaScript.

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Dylan Patterson

Dylan Patterson

Business Owner

"Very professional with lots of great ideas. Always my go to person for questions on how to do something efficiently. Everything she touches turns into something of a higher quality than it was before."

Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes

Lead Developer

"Mulan is a great addition to our team. She writes excellent documentation and always asks the right questions. Over the last few weeks, she has stepped up and taken on tasks in multiple projects and knocked them out with skill and speed. She has a great understanding of Android and has integrated into our very complicated project quickly."

Robin Alarcon

Robin Alarcon

Course Director

"Mulan is one of the most talented, well-rounded students to have passed through my class. Her attention to detail and natural curiosity are a rarely seen combination. She is thoughtful, intelligent, hardworking, and thorough; anyone who has the pleasure of employing her will strengthen their workforce. I would hire her immediately if I had a position."

Aukai-Ilima Sanford

Aukai-Ilima Sanford

Assistant Manager

"Kinaole [Mulan] has great mentoring skills, language knowledge, and organizational skills. She is a great people person, able to pull conversation from just about anything as well as teach language concepts to others like myself, in such a simple way for others to understand."

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