UnAnnounced NASA Project

I worked as a Mobile Developer (Android & iOS) on an unannounced NASA project for a few months through Orbis Leadership and Management. My responsibilities included testing mobile builds on Android and iOS, writing bug reports, building to iOS from Unity, and identifying areas of potential app improvement for mobile users. I worked mainly on mobile quality assurance tasks.


I created the wearable Yearbook app for my Project and Portfolio 6 project.

Yearbook is a contacts app that caters to people who have an easier time remembering someone by face than by name. Yearbook places the emphasis on the contact’s image rather than his name. This way, you can glance at the faces in your app and know at a glance who you need to contact. No more guessing “Is this the Joe I’m supposed to call? I remember what he looks like, but I’m not sure what his last name was…”

(Note: The app is not published.)


I created the wearable READ app for my Project and Portfolio 5 project.

READ is a standalone WearOS app that uses Firebase, Firestore, and GraphView to create a simple, intuitive experience for users. The goal of READ is to encourage users to read more often.

(Note: The app is not published.)

Tennis Match

I created Tennis Match as my final project in my degree.

Tennis Match is an Android app created to help tennis players find nearby tennis partners. Tennis Match users Firebase and Google Places API for storage and the location autocomplete feature. Tennis Match is a simplistic app that allows users to create listings, send messages, and favorite listings and other users.

(Note: The app is not published.)

Random Trivia

Random Trivia is a very simple quiz app developed in Kotlin. My goal in creating Random Trivia was to begin learning Kotlin. The game itself is quite simple and the app is comprised of only 2 screens. Check out the project page by clicking the Read More button to read more about the game and the development process.

(Note: The app is not published.)