Goal of the Project:

To create an app from scratch and have it store ready by the end of the month.

What is Family Recipes?

Family Recipes is a simple iOS recipe app. Family Recipes allows users to browse recipes created by other users. Users must login to create a recipe but can view recipes without logging in. Users can also toggle the visibility of the recipes they have created between private and public. Other users will only see public recipes. Lastly, users can search for recipes by typing the recipe’s name in the search bar and filter recipes by difficulty by changing the selected segmented control beneath the search bar.

Tech Stack:

Swift | MVC Architecture | iOS Storyboards | Firebase (Auth & Firestore) | GitHub | Adobe XD

Week 1

The first week was spent defining the app and deciding exactly what I would be spending the next three weeks working on. I created a list of functional requirements that supported the user stories and an app definition document.

Week 2: Milestone 1

The second week of the project was also the first week of actual hands-on development and brought with it the first milestone deadline. I created the app design and prototype in Adobe XD and started programming in Xcode.

Week 3: Milestone 2

The third week had the most development time and I used it to finish programming the rest of the features in the functional requirements list.

Feature Walkthrough

Week 4: Final Milestone

The last week was spent fixing any issues and putting the finishing touches on the app. I changed the way users viewed recipe steps from each step being on a separate view controller to having the table view cells dynamically resize based on content.

App Demo

Check out the entire playlist of the month (all the above videos) on my channel here: Project & Portfolio 4.