What is Matt’s Supply Store – App Design?

In one of my degree classes, I had to work through the design process for an app from user goals and personas to a rough prototype. The app I had to design was for a fictitious small business, Matt’s Supply Store, which had three locations.

Tech Stack:

Adobe XD | Mobile-First Design


I created a persona sheet for each of the three main types of target users.

Process Design

Next, I created a video detailing the various features the app would include and a breakdown of the processes each of those features would need to function.


Then, I drafted a storyboard for the app. This step was done on paper as it was the easiest way to quickly come up with ideas and refine them into an app storyboard.

Adobe XD Layout/Prototype

Lastly, I created a rough prototype in Adobe XD based on the storyboard and including all of the necessary features. This layout was much more refined and detailed. I created several detailed screens for both iPhone and iPad devices in portrait, and in landscape for the iPad.