My Role in the Project

I worked as an Android Developer (Java & Kotlin) on the GE Smart HQ app. My responsibilities included developing and testing new features, fixing bugs, collaborating with iOS developers to ensure a consistent UX across platforms, implementing UI based on Figma designs, and creating builds and releases in GitHub and App Center for QA testing.

Tech Stack:

Android | Java | Kotlin | Git | GitHub | XML | Figma | App Center

Project Reflection

It was a great experience and an amazing opportunity to work on a large, complex project with a great team of amazing, hard-working individuals. I learned how to work with both Java and Kotlin files in the same project, to integrate new features and bug fixes into the codebase of a live app, to make releases and pull requests in GitHub, and use Android’s canvas drawing feature to create a UI based on Figma designs.

The entire team was very supportive and communicative. I learned a ton from working on such a large project and from working with the awesome senior developers on the team. I had a wonderful experience with Interapt which has improved my skills as both an Android developer and a team member.